Sunday, March 2, 2014

Spring Fever Is In Full Force

Wow. I have been silent for a while. Didn't mean to be, but never felt inspired to write anything. Anyway, after suffering through the last few weeks of winter, this weekend was GORGEOUS. I've got daffodils popping out to say "HI!" and they are now in full bloom.

They did look a bit lonesome among the leaves and other debris throughout the yard though. This weekend proved the perfect time to start tackling the woefully neglected flower beds. A fabulous friend lent a hand and we got 4.5 of my flower beds de-wintered. And most of the horrible little prickly gumballs cleared from the front yard. Found a baby snake, too... EW. My fabulous friend insisted on relocating the little bugger instead of "getting rid" of it.... I might have to re-think that friendship! Ha!

Every muscle in my body is aching, and I'm only MAYBE 1/3 of the way through my flower beds. My yard work muscles are not happy that I spent most of this very cold winter sitting on my couch with a blankie over my lap!

How did you spend this weekend? Anything fun?