Monday, April 28, 2014

A Long Break......

Wow. I kept thinking about coming to write, but never was inspired. I should have been. I just wasn't though. Things have been moving along around here. The seemingly endless winter has finally given way to spring and with that.... severe weather ahead. I'm home sick today, but watching the weather closely as we expect roughly three days of very nasty weather. Yesterday was the third anniversary of the supposed "once in a generation" tornado event that devastated so much of our state. So, no warm fuzzies about the days ahead.

During my hiatus, we welcomed a new family member:

Meet Thing 3! He came to us from the Greater Birmingham Humane Society. He was a 5 1/2 month old pointer mix at the time. Now he's an almost 7 month old ball of energy that is constantly getting into mischief! He has settled in well although the housebreaking is still an ongoing challenge. Thing 2 has just about forgiven us for bringing him into her calm and settled world. Our sweet Thing 1 was much less of trial to her (she doesn't quite remember that she was once an obnoxious puppy, too). Although, sometimes she gives us awfully dirty looks when he is all up in her space....

Other than that, not too much excitement around here. The Princess and I are both doing Advocare right now to try and shed some pounds. Seems to be working out well for now as we are both eating a lot healthier than normal. And we feel pretty darn good. 

I'm going to go and get to reading and catching up on what's been going on with y'all now! Take care!!!