Monday, May 12, 2014

Cha-ching, Cha-ching, Cha-ching

I knew last week was going to be expensive. The work I had done at the house ended up being very reasonable -- $175. I was happy with that! The work on my car was better than I thought it would be -- $114 -- and then they told me I need new tires -- I've got dry rot going on. Joy. THAT will be closer to $500-$600. Sigh.

Spent a good portion of Saturday shopping. I really dislike shopping. However, it was necessary for several reasons. First, I am transitioning in my job -- and I needed work suitable pants as the job I will now be doing pretty much demands it. I never wear pants to work. Jeans on Fridays and that's pretty much it besides one pair of dressy pants that I really only pulled out on the coldest of days. Its not some sort of principal with me and pants. The fact is, I have a big butt and hips, and my waist is pretty small comparatively. Add to it that I'm not even fully 5'1" -- and well, pants shopping is a nightmare. And I really don't like to pay to have things hemmed. So, I had to pants shop. And only came home with one pair. So now I own two whole pairs of pants (sadly, capris are not work appropriate). I also had to try and do some shopping for the Princess. She put on a bit of weight over the winter, and is working to get it off, however, that is a slow and painful process. So I picked up some shorts for her. And they didn't fit. She is going out of town next weekend so is desperate for shorts. And she works several doubles this week so shopping time is almost non-existent. So, I just threw caution to the wind and money at the problem. I got online and ordered several pairs (next size up) on --- paid $46 freaking dollars to get them here by Wednesday. OUCH.

I also bought a new to me chair for the den from a friend for $100. Mother's Day and birthday shopping for my nephew were kept in budget at least.

I'll hit the hay early tonight -- full week of meetings and trying to close out my work in my current department all await me the next few days. Quite honestly, I'm whooped. And it is only Monday.


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