Monday, December 10, 2012

Give Til It Hurts?

I believe in charity. I believe in giving to those less fortunate. I believe in helping my fellow man. I truly do. At some point though, I think it might start to get just a bit overwhelming.

At work we've done a food drive and a toy drive. Another organization I belong to is doing a toy drive too.  As is another one! Every single day for the past two weeks I've gotten emails from friends and co-workers soliciting help for the family/organization etc that they/their church/their social group is sponsoring for the holidays. I truly believe these are all worthwhile causes. I really do.

However, I think I'm burned out with all of the "giving". I'm tired of the relentless emails, the co-workers stopping by my cubicle to say there's still "time to give", the charity calls making me feel guilty. At some point, no matter how fortunate I feel, how much I want to help others, I have to draw the line. And at some point, the endless barrage of pleas becomes overwhelming -- the guilt trips, irritating.

I'm not willing to go into further debt to provide my own child's Christmas, I'm not going to do it for others, either. Call me a Scrooge, a Grinch, Cold-Hearted, whatever. I've given all I can give this year... I am not going to give til it hurts.


  1. I get a similar impression every time I go to any store and they ask you to donate $1, $2, $5 or $10 for toys. First few, I said ok, but afterwards, I simply said that I've already made my contribution and leave it at that. Perhaps you can reply in a similar manner to the soliciting co-workers. Just tell them you've already contributed to other causes and leave it at that.

  2. Agree, 100%. I think charity should be done out of the kindness of someones heart, not forced upon people. I am college student, I can't afford to eat let alone by a christmas present for someone in need.

  3. Sass,
    I feel your pain. Charities have been out full force. I wonder if it's because there may be plans to get rid of charitable deductions on taxes and everyone is trying to get it in before the New Year. I don't know, but there have more phone calls and requests this year than in the past.

  4. The definition of charity: "The voluntary giving of help, typically money, to those in need." The pressure tactics, downright guilt-tripping, and the average person's increasing tolerance to be pushed into whatever, have all resulted in the erosion of the "voluntary" part of charity.