Thursday, February 14, 2013

Don't Go To the Store Hungry!

I always tell myself to never go to the store hungry.... but sometimes.... well.... I jus don't listen! This trip, which was actually with the purpose of just getting the super deals was a bit derailed by the semi-sale on Oreos and Fig Newtons. Seriously, the Princess and I had both been lamenting that there was nothing at the house to satisfy our sweet tooth, so I had planned to indulge in a single package of Birthday Cake Oreos.... but they had both the chocolate and vanilla kind! AND Fig Newtons were on sale too.... so... I indulged.

The really cool thing about this trip though was the amount of items I got completely FREE. The Nutrigrain Fruit & Crunch Bars, the two packages of Yakisoba Noodles and the 4 Lady Speed Stick Deodorants were all complete free after sales and coupons. And the Publix TP was only a penny!!! I just LOVE free stuff!

Anyway, this is how I did:

8 International Delight Coffee Creamers (yes, I know I have issues)
4 Progresso Recipe Starter Sauces
2 Yakisoba Noodles
2 Oreos
1 Fig Newtons
1 Doritos
1 Nutri Grain Cereal Bars
1 Nutri Grain Fruit & Crunch Bars
1 Publix Toilet Paper (Penny Item!)

Spent: $22.67
Saved: $46.13 or 67%


  1. Wow. Totally gotta love free or almost free items! Like you, I KNOW I should never go to a store when I'm hungry, or if I dont have a list or have forgotten it. That's when bad stuff happens.

  2. Yeah, I knew I was taking a risk going in there hungry and going to the cookie aisle hungry.... but OMG -- have you HAD those birthday cake oreos? Wow. YUM.

  3. I loved the International Delight deal too!

    Inviting you to link up your savings at my Weekly Shopping Linky and now following via GFC.

    Diana at NannyToMommy

  4. Thanks for linking up! Hope to see you next week. :)