Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Clusterflake Round 2

Down here, we've been bracing for another winter storm. It looked like it was going to come in overnight. With the dawn of the day however, we've jut got a lot of rain, but temps are at freezing at the moment. Not wanting to get caught in the absolute gridlock of two weeks ago, a lot of my co-workers have decided to stay home for the day. Since the office hasn't closed, I'm planning to go in, however, I'm watching the conditions for the next hour or so to make a final decision.

I talked to my boss a bit ago and told him to just plan on me being late. I live on the side of a mountain and it is a bit icy, so for now, I want to err on the side of caution. So I sit here with hair and makeup done, but I put my jammies back on for comfort until I make a real decision.

How are you faring this winter?


  1. I would work from home (if you can) or use a vacay day. I watched Weather Channel and they said you guys could get an inch of ice.

    Here in CT, we are waiting for the storm to hit us on Thursday. We had 3 separate snow accumulations last week. 2 of which ended up being snow days for the kids. And I am guessing Thursday will be a snow day as well!

  2. It was -9 this morning but currently hovering around 0. It hasn't been above 25 degrees since January 1st. Waiting for it to be warm enough for me to actually wash the car would be nice. Good luck with this new storm.

  3. Whatever you do, stay safe. No amount of pay would cover a big accident or an injury! We may be getting hit with wet snow or a bit of icing, but hopefully nothing too serious. We definitely wont get the snow, but it's still a small chance of it.