Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Still Waiting For The Clusterflake

You know, if we are going to have bad weather, I wish it would just go ahead and happen. Seriously. I stayed home from work yesterday morning waiting to see what the weather would do. Stuff froze for a very short time, but I ended up getting to work around 10:45.

Now the waiting game begins again... the forecast calls for icy conditions this afternoon. I do not relish the idea of getting stuck at work or walking home --- I live close enough that walking is an option, but it is still a pretty long walk. Schools have been closed for two days now. Honestly, I think they should have waited until yesterday morning to make the call as a delay would have worked fine. Today, they could have gotten in at least a half day. I know they are gun shy due to the serious Clusterflake we had two weeks ago, but still.

I admit to being a bit gun shy myself. I had friends that spent the night in their cars. Definitely not where I want to be! This is Alabama though! We are not supposed to be living in a constant state of "will it or won't it" in regards to winter weather.

Guess I'll get ready for work and see what the day brings! Y'all stay safe and WARM!

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