Sunday, July 22, 2012

So Out of the Loop

I apparently just disappeared for a while. I know this is definitely the longest I've gone without posting. I was super busy leading up to my week long vacation on the sugar white beaches of Orange Beach, Alabama. And then, on vacation.... well, I wasn't really thinking about blogging. I've got a lot to catch up on!!!!!!

Let me just say, the vacation was fantastic! Lazy days at the beach and pool, several books read cover to cover, a nice tan, no sunburn, kept pretty close to my budget I think. All in all it was wonderful!

Now its back to reality which includes cleaning my disaster of a house (the Princess did NOT do a great job of keeping it neat and orderly while I was gone), oral surgery for the Princess on Thursday to have her wisdom teeth removed, getting the Princess's stuff ready for college (3 weeks away YIKES!) and apparent fruit basket turnover at work to face on Monday. This should be interesting I suppose.

I'll have much more thoughtful posts in the coming week. Right now, I'm going to sit back, enjoy my coffee and ignore reality for just a little while longer.

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