Sunday, July 1, 2012

Rain, Glorious Rain!

So, we've had ridiculous heat for days, my house hasn't seen rain June 10th. My rain barrel was dried up. My plants were scorching. My AC was running full out and the temp in the house wasn't getting below 83 during the day. And then IT happened.

I was sitting on the couch, happily pinteresting away (because its too dang hot to do anything else!), when I heard a noise. A weird noise. It was real honest to goodness RAIN! I mean actual clear wet stuff falling from the sky!

And of course I had laundry drying on the deck...... by the time I got out there it was mostly soaked. Oh well. I immediately sprang into action! I moved the laundry. The stuff on the lower tiers of the rack were still dry so they are fine. The other stuff.... well, I think it costs more for me to water my massive amount of plants than to redo a load of laundry, so that's cool.

After I moved the laundry, I ran to my rain barrel to be sure the downspout was properly aligned. Then I moved my veggies and other plants from under the eaves where I'd pushed them to protect them as much as possible from the blistering sun. Then I got my next brilliant idea! I grabbed my watering can and ran to a different downspout and filled the can up! Several times! That water went on the plants on my screened porch. And then I also dumped some on the veggies that the rain was now watering naturally. I figured this wasn't going to be a very long shower so I wanted everything to get as drenched as possible.

That drenching also included me! I was soaked to the bone by the time I was done but I was happy happy happy! Final tally on the rain was about 1/4 inch, with a slight chance of a bit more to come --- I've also got a 2/3 full rain barrel (it never rained REALLY hard so it didn't get quite enough, but I'm good with what I got).

And then, miracle of miracles, the rain cooled it down enough to where the AC actually cycled off! How awesome is THAT?

It's a good day!

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