Saturday, June 30, 2012

Hot! Hot! Hot!

Oh.My.Word. This heat has got to GO! Yesterday was Day 1 of what will likely be a solid week of triple digit heat here. And the preceding days were high 90's. My plants are well and truly ticked off and so is my AC.

Our house has NO shade because a couple of years ago we had to take down 2 HUGE trees due to structural issues (that were discovered after another one had fallen on my car during a storm). So our really ancient central air unit gets a hell of a workout when the temps go above 90!

I tend to bump the air down to 78 at night so we can sleep decently, but we suffer through 80+ during the day. Lots of shorts and tanktops and hair pulled up off of the neck around here! Yesterday though, I made a terrible mistake. I got in a hurry getting ready for work and forgot to bump the AC up. I got home and the air was running full blast, and it was still 83 degrees in the house (1957 house with crappy insulation and original windows). I looked at the thermostat and realized it was still set on 78. Oh, crap. That meant the AC had likely been running like that since at least 10 am! I bumped the thermostat up so that it would shut off and take a break for a bit.

I'll have to be a lot more careful today. The Princess has to work so at least she'll be keeping it cool there. For me, no yard work today.... I think I'll clean house, do laundry and maybe get started on cleaning out that disaster I "call" a home office --- which is really just a room with crap everywhere!

Happy Saturday Y'all -- and keep it cool if you can!

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  1. My house is a disaster too. We can clean together.

    Stay cool and hydrated!