Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Harvesting Those Veggies

I kind of struggled with buying zucchini over the weekend. I knew I had some almost ready to pick from my container garden, but they weren't quite ready. I was doing freezer cooking THAT day so went ahead and bought them. In the 3 days since then, I had FIVE ready to pick -- -plus another bell pepper.

So far, the hardest thing with keeping my plants going (at least the zucchinis and bell peppers) has been keeping them watered enough. They get FULL sun, and by full, I mean from sunrise until about 4 in the afternoon. That's a LOT of sun. And heat. My tomatoes are another story. They've suffered a bit from blossom end rot, so I haven't been able to harvest a single one. I've done a lot of reading though, and hopefully I know how to handle it now. I hope..... I want a tomato sandwich!!!!!

The best thing about my veggies is they are FREE. Completely and 100%. I bought the plants and soil with gift cards. They have been watered 100% from either mother nature herself, or from the water I collected in my rain barrel.

It has definitely been more fun than work to fuss over my plants. I even have a pseudo competition going on with my friend the Garden Geek, who has a HUGE veggie garden while I only have my three little containers. I'm sure the Garden Geek would be surprised that we are in competition, as it is mostly in my head! :-)

How about you, how is your garden growing?????

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  1. Our veggies are pathetic. Not sure if it is soil, the weather, the caretakers. But I am doubtful we will get much of anything.

  2. You can cut the blossom end rot off and eat the rest of the tomato.