Friday, June 22, 2012

Grocery Shopping Just For Deals

I generally try to just hit Publix once per sale cycle to take advantage of the best deals available. Fewer trips generally means I spend less money on impulse purchases. However, I had gotten pretty far behind on my coupon clipping, and I knew from my previous trip in the week that I was missing out on some pretty decent deals (especially on the clearance rack) by not being prepared. So, I took the time, and went through my STACKS of coupon inserts and finally caught myself up! Plus, I RAN OUT OF COFFEE! (Being behind on the clipping meant I also missed some coffee deals --- sigh).

So coupons in hand, I made the trip to Publix and got the following:

3 Voskos Greek Yogurt
4 Schick Shaving Gel (yeah, we don't care that it is for "Men" --- we just don't want to cut our legs to ribbons! Clearance Rack)
2 Secret 6 Barbeque Sauce
2 Cesar Dog Treats
1 Magnum Double Caramel Ice Cream Bars
1 Maxwell House Coffee (not my normal brand, but I just couldn't pay full price for my normal one -- yikes!)
2 Disney Gummy Vitamins (Clearance Rack, but don't expire for another 18 months)
1 Emerald Breakfast ToGo (These are for my snack drawer at work --- I've been too tempted by the vending machines lately)

Spent: $24.21
Saved: $35.17 or 59%

They were also out of a couple of things I had planned to get, so I picked up rainchecks for those which will definitely be used!

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