Saturday, June 23, 2012

Tightening That Belt --- Again!

After the rigamarole of the IRS losing my tax return, delay after delay in getting my income verified, we FINALLY got everything necessary together for Financial Aid (for the 3rd time). And today we got the Award Letter.

I've heard that the longer it takes to get the Financial Aid stuff processed, the less Aid is actually available. And let me tell you, I think that is ABSOLUTELY the case. The award came in at about a quarter of what the estimated "qualified amount" was. The freshman year on campus will completely wipe out ever penny I have saved for the Princess's college education.

Now, more than ever, I've got to get out from under this hell I call my credit card debt. I've got to make harder cuts and harder choices. And I'm not even sure where to start.

So, time to cut and snip, tighten and stretch --- its going to be an interesting four years.


  1. We are right there with you! Our only child (daughter) goes to the University of Alabama. This will be her sophomore year. And I foresee a great deal of debt in our future, as she is going entirely on loans.

  2. Sass, you are right about the longer it takes the less aid is available. My financial aid director friend explained it to me that each college is allotted so much money at the beginning of the year to give out on as as needed, first come/first serve basis. When they run out for the year there is not more until next year.

  3. I hear you. I see the same for my daughter.