Monday, June 11, 2012

Getting Ready for More Freezer Cooking

Lately, its been difficult to choose what to make for dinner. I haven't done a lot of grocery shopping really, my freezer has been completely out of the bases for meals and we've just been busy busy busy. However, a rainy day, the Princess on the road in terrible weather, all set up the perfect opportunity for me to remedy that situation (I needed something to keep me from totally flipping out about her being on the road). So, I did a quick browse through my Pinterest boards and decided to make some of the stuff I'd pinned in addition to my "normal" freezer cooking.

That very large list resulted in a trip to Aldi to get me the proper ingredients --- here's what I got:

Quick Oats
2 lbs. Strawberries
Chicken Breasts
2 Avocados
2 Spaghetti Sauce
Cauliflower (and yikes, looking at the receipt, I read the price wrong -- $1.99 is a lot for a veggie I don't even like, but just have a recipe I want to try to see if it might make me like it!!!!)
Ground Beef
Great Northern Beans
Dried Cranberries
Sweet Potatoes
Turkey Lunch Meat
Egg Noodles
Black Beans


Then I got busy freezer cooking --- didn't finish everything I wanted to get done, but I definitely made some headway and an empty house all this week will provide me with some more opportunities to get it all done.

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  1. You'll have to share with us all the goodies you made with that! Sounds like a lot of good stuff.