Friday, November 16, 2012

I Do Not Like Pre-Lit Trees.....

Actually I do like them.... until the lights burn out. Do you have any IDEA how hard it is to get the strings of burned out lights OFF of one of those things? Yikes....

Every year I think to myself "I'm going to get a REAL tree!". And then every year, I think "Sheesh, that $100 is NOT in the budget." So, every year I drag out the fake tree. Up until about 6 years ago, I'd had the same artificial tree for about roughly 16 years. That tree was starting to look rather Charlie Brownish! And then lo and behold, my Mom moved and her 2 year old huge pre-lit tree would not fit in her new home. So, she handed it down to me. And I've loved it. It has this great combination of big lights and little lights. Well, up until last year when all of the lights started to go. I supplemented with additional light strings, but knew that I'd have to remove the old ones this year.

THAT has been a chore. I've worked on a section a night for this entire week, each section taking me about 1 1/2 hours to complete. My hands are scraped and raw. This has NOT been fun. And I still get to add new lights to the tree! JOY!!!!!

And just so y'all all don't think I'm completely crazy.... yes we are putting up the tree this Sunday night. Yes, I'm aware it is before Thanksgiving --- and while I am normally against doing that I have a couple of reasons that make it "Okay" with me. First, we travel for Thanksgiving, every year, without fail -- so there will be NO Christmas tree standing there while I'm carving up the turkey. Second, and really most important... the Princess and I love decorating the tree together. It is one of our favorite things about the holidays. We figured out that between Thanksgiving, the Iron Bowl, the SEC Championship game and finally, exams...well it would be mid-December before we could do it together if we didn't do it together now. Frankly, that tree is WAY TOO MUCH WORK to only enjoy it for about 10 days! I want to enjoy it the whole month of December!!! So, this weekend it is!

Now to just the blankety blank blank lights on it!


  1. We finally bought an artificial tree last year and I loved it but one of the light sections did not even lat the season so it went back. I am thinking I will buy another but without lights.

  2. We got a pre-lit tree last year as part of our Christmas present from my in-laws. I love it and am anxious to put it up this year. I hadn't thought forward to when the lights will go out.