Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Time and Family Marches On

I can't believe how quickly time marches on. I swear, it was just the beginning of November a few days ago!!!!! I hope you all had a safe and Happy Thanksgiving. Mine was very nice, despite the very quick nature of the trip I took.

This year was the Princess's year with her Dad, so she wasn't with me. Every year, we head South to do Thanksgiving with my Nana (my Mom's side of the family). It was Nana's favorite holiday because it meant pretty much her whole family was gathered together in one place at one time (or most of us, at least). Believe me, with 6 children, 17 grandchildren, 18 great children and 3 great-greats --- that is a HUGE feat in and of itself. Add in spouses and significant others --- and we are LEGION.

Since we lost Nana in October, there was definitely some concern as to whether or not Thanksgiving would go on as usual. It was talked about not doing it since so many had just made the trip down south for the funeral. But ultimately we decided to go ahead with it. We had less than half of the normal crowd, but that was understandable.

I decided to make the trip and got very lucky with my travel arrangements. Usually it costs me $80 in gas, plus another $100 in boarding the pups for 2 nights and fast food, etc, to make the trip. This time I rode down and back in the same day with my Mom's boyfriend. He wouldn't let me pay for any gas, and bought breakfast on the way down. The only thing I paid for was a Peppermint Mocha and a Diet Coke during a brief stop!

The trip was tiring, but was incredibly worth it both emotionally and financially. Family is important. I'm glad I made the trip and gave thanks for our family and the woman who made it possible.

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  1. Holidays are a hard time after just suffering a loss, but you can also remember the sweet blessing that your grandmother was to you.