Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Lights Cost HOW Much?

The Princess and I pulled out all of the Christmas decorations over the weekend. I think she got a little nervous when I was saying "Maybe I won't put up _____ this year" so therefore decided to move all the boxes from the basement to the main part of the house for me. Very sweet of her, however, since the house wasn't "ready" for them, I have a big huge mess of boxes that I am currently tripping over.

Anyway, after de-lighting the pre-lit tree, I got out my "other" Christmas lights to put them on the tree. That would have been terrific. Except every strand only half worked. So, I sent the Princess to Target to get more lights. I had looked at them when I was out there and decided that I might just bite the bullet and get LED lights. Burn less electricity, supposedly last longer and they now come in "warm white".... yada yada yada. So, she called me when she got there to talk about it. The prices were STEEP. After all was said and done, that was $50 on lights. For my previously pre-lit tree. To say I was a smidge bit stunned is putting it mildly, to say the least. I'm still reeling -- especially since I'd spent $27 on the big bulbed accent lights a few days before. That was $77 total. On lights. I'm still kind of going "What was I thinking?".

I've saved the packages the lights came in, something I've never done before, because after shelling out that kind of money, if even one bulb burns out --- I'll be taking them back.At that kind of price, I want them to last several years. Here's hoping.

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  1. We haven't gone to the LED yet. But we just bought 10 boxes of regular white lights at Lowe's for $20.

    But I agree....that was a steep bill.