Thursday, November 8, 2012

RIP to My Slippers

I love slippers. They are some of my favorite things. Since I keep the house ridiculously cold, they keep my toes happy once the thermometer drops. I'm very picky about them too. I prefer water proof or resistant soles so that getting the paper on a rainy morning or a sloshed water bowl doesn't result in soaked feet. However, sometimes that still happens, so I keep two pairs around.

Yesterday, I said goodbye to one of my pairs. It was very sad. The cushioning complelely came out of the bottom and the sole had degenerated to the point that it felt like I was walking on rocks. So, I'm down to one pair. One little measly pair.

I need to replace the trashed pair soon and I need to get another pair soon after for the ones that are nearing the end of the life span. I'm think that maybe I can get a pair at one of the Black Friday sales since I usually see slippers at 50% off there, and then maybe ask for a pair for Christmas? All I know is that the slippers help me keep the toes toasty when the house isn't ---- so $10 or so on good slippers saves TONS on the gas bill. So new slippers it will be.


  1. I love clogs! Clogs with wool socks

  2. I don't use shoes (or slippers) once inside and settled for the night... I do enjoy thick wool warm socks for these winter nights.