Friday, November 22, 2013

Shopping Online -- Beating the Crowds and Saving the Bucks

I used to LOVE getting out to the malls and shopping, shopping, shopping. For the most part though, that's just not what I love to do anymore. So far, most of my Christmas shopping has been done online. I've hit up Amazon (love me some Amazon Prime!), Victoria's Secret, Macy's, Christian Family Bookstores and others to find really great deals on things I know the people in my life will love.

So many great online deals have been found so far this year. I love the fact that I don't have to drive all over town to shop. I don't have to deal with checkout lines for the most part and I can pick up the gifts from the comfort of my own couch.

Plus, there's the ability to save money too! Online coupon codes (especially through Retail Me Not), links through UPromise or Swagbucks, putting it on my AmEx to get points (that can be converted to cash) -- all of these serve to stretch my dollar as far as it can possibly go.

I'll still have to get out and do some shopping in the old fashioned way --- but not as much and I won't have to devote a full Saturday in December to finish it all up! Woo hoo!!!! Have you been finding any great deals online?????

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  1. I used to love black friday, but really not so much anymore. I am wondering how good the online sales will be year. My sister is a big Amazon person and I order some things from there also but I try to always use swagbucks!