Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Costs of the Senior Year


Yesterday at Princess Penelope's school, they had a full class assembly just to go over ordering the graduation announcements, name cards, cap & gown and the various and sundry other items. Princess Penelope brought home the information packet and I thought I was going to have heart failure. Just to get the basics we will be spending approximately $250 --- the cost of renting the cap and gown alone is $60. Wow! They really have you where they want you, don't they? And I'm not talking ordering the foil lined envelopes or deluxe name cards or return address envelopes! I'm talking about JUST ordering the very basics.

And of course its all due on October 12 --- yes, just over a week to come up with that kind of cash. Time for some serious number crunching as I wasn't expecting it to be quite this much! Jimineez!!!!!!


  1. That's insane! Especially with no advance warning! Hope you're able to tweak your budget for these expenses!

  2. Wow that seems expensive! My cap and gown for when I graduated college a year ago was cheaper than that!

  3. My downfall was the grad photos! As I recall (I may have blocked out the actual figures) I paid over $200 just on photos. But only paid about $40 for cap & gown etc. We don't do invites or anything like that here.
    Good luck scraping it together, hopefully you don't get any more wicked surprises like that!

  4. I spent a pretty penny on the senior portraits too! And I knew that the announcements and such were going to be a lot. However, my definition of a lot and other people's are apparently quite different!