Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Not Ready for the Cold

Over the weekend, I was commenting on how much I was really enjoying the completely mild temperatures we've had lately. I've been able to continue air drying my laundry, I haven't turned the heat or AC on in over a month. All in all, its just been fabulous! To top off my enjoyment, my power bill arrived Monday and I was so excited (yes, I'm a dork that gets excited over a power bill) --- but the bill was only $62 and change! That's $95 LESS than the previous month! So, definitely something to get excited about!

And..... apparently I spoke too soon! This mornning I woke up to 46 degrees. Rain last night ushered in a cold front and now this southern girl is lamenting the loss of those gorgeous temps and perfect days! The heat hasn't kicked on yet, as apparently the house held enough of yesterday's heat for it to not need to come on, but I don't see that continuing. I'm also afraid I'm going to have to turn on my dryer when I do laundry this weekend. I just don't think I'll have enough room, or SPACE to dry it all by air in any decent kind of time frame. But, I'm going to give it a shot!

For now though, I'm going to bundle up this morning, because to me, it just dang COLD outside!


  1. It's so cold here, I don't like it. Just last week is was 90 to 90 degrees!

  2. Time to get those fuzzy socks out of the basement, haha. Awesome on your electric bill! That's simply amazing. Even if it is going to go up, you've already saved quite a bit by keeping it that low. Great job.

  3. It cooled off here, and is POURING rain.

    I am hell bent that I am not turning the heat on until November.

  4. It's been a weird fall in Seattle. Cold in the mornings, but up to 60ish during the day. The house is cold at night, but we're trying to avoid using our heat much as well.