Thursday, October 27, 2011

Filling the Freezer

Generally speaking, I don't normally buy a ton of multiples even when I'm shopping the sales, four of the same item is "usually" the most I purchase at a time with the exception of canned goods. I'm quickly realzing however, that with the costs of food skyrocketing it would be to my benefit to stock up as much as space and finances allow --- especially on those items that seem to get devoured (aka pizza, chicken fingers and other junk food) when Princess and her friends are hanging out over here. With that being said, this week's Publix trip called for a massive reorganizing of my freezer!

So, here's what I picked up:

3 Pillsbury Grands Biscuit Sandwiches
6 Totino's Stuffers
2 Tyson Chicken
2 Tyson Quedadillas
10 Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks
2 CoffeeMate Creamers
1 Airwick Candle
4 Campbells Soup
1 Publix Peanut Butter (Penny Item!)
3 Ramen Noodles
1 Keebler Cookies
2 Grands Biscuits

Spent: $52.88
Saved: $81.45 or 61%

I've got an Aldi run planned for later this week to pick up produce and hopefully I'll have time to post that! How's your grocery managment going this week? Are the rising prices making you re-think and re-organize?


  1. You did good! And my grocery management is going good. I'm trying to shop just once every 2 weeks (except for bread, fruits and milk) and it's going well.

  2. My grocery management is still pitiful at best. Thing is, I very much prefer to do one shopping trip every two weeks when I get my grocery allowance, so I don't really get much of a chance to buy sales. I normally start looking at what’s on sale two or three days prior to when I have to go grocery shopping. I make a very basic list and no meal planning. I need to get a lot better about this because it is getting a lot more expensive to go for the basics.

  3. We buy mostly: produce, dairy, & meat, so we get the bulk of our food at Costco. It's cheaper since we're feeding four people, but it also means that coupons don't typically apply. We get the random coupon for Pirate's Booty, or some other snack that I'll keep on hand for lunches, etc.

    The food prices have *definitely* gone up, so I work harder at minimizing waste, meal planning, and getting creative with the food we already have on hand.

  4. I wish I could say I was a great meal planner, but our schedule can change on a dime, and with only two in the house, its a bit easier to cook according to our mood. That's probably not the best way to do it, but it seems to work for us. The stores of junk food and such for the hordes is definitely whatever happens to be on sale at the time --- I'd go broke otherwise.