Thursday, October 6, 2011

Phew! That Was Close!

Last week, I posted about how I only had $100 left til payday and after meeting a couple of obligations, that had me down to $63 to last roughly nine days. I figured out that I also had an additional $24 coming in due to expense reimbursements at work. That gave me a grand total of $87 to stretch for NINE days.

It really was not easy! Over the course of those 9 days I spent $63.81 on groceries (two publix runs and an aldi run for apples and cheese), $10 on gas (had to add a bit yesterday as I was woefully low) and $10 on eating out. That comes out to $83.81 --- $3.19 left.

It was tight, but I made it through. Barely. One thing I figured out is that when you are hyper aware of your spending, you really really second guess those impulse purchases and whether or not you really need to make those trips to the store. Or to the mall. Or to the bookstore.

Today is payday so I can breathe again. I promise, however, that I"m not going to go all crazy today. Although, I probably do need to actually fill up my car with gas!


  1. I agree, when you are low on cash flow, you tend to scrutinize everything, but that is good!

  2. YOU DID IT!!!! Doesn't matter if you only had a penny in your account. YOU DID IT! You should be soooooo proud!

  3. I've been doing the same thing and yes you're right how you scrutinize every purchase...need or want? You need food and gas so you did just great!! I did crack today and bought a coffee but only spend $1.65 so far over the past 4 days. I still have one week to go til payday!

  4. Thanks everyone!!!! It was close, but I got through. Now, I just need to figure out THIS month!

  5. Nicely done! Being in your situation way too many times (a much smaller budget than expected, to last for 2 weeks), it REALLY makes you aware every time you go to the store. Second guessing, third, fourth guessing yourself, wondering if you REALLY need this or that, instead of being able to buy gas or other more urgent necessities...

    Good job indeed.