Monday, February 20, 2012

No Long Weekend For Me. Sigh.

While many are off of work or school today for Presidents Day, I'm up and getting ready to go to work. Bummer. Of all weekends to have had a long one, this would have been perfect!!! Why? Because I have a HUGE uncompleted project going on!

The Princess left Friday afternoon to drive down to Mobile to her Dad's. Saturday, they got up and headed to Orlando for a week at Walt Disney World. That leaves just me and the pups at the house. Saturday morning, the temps were nice although it was pretty overcast, so I got out in the yard and got to work. I cut back branches and bushes. Hauled debris to the curb. Cut the grass/weeds in the backyard. Cleared the front bed of the bane of my yard existence (monkey grass). Put a new border around that bed to define it better, moved rocks around the border of another bed and planted more bulbs. By noonish, I could hardly move.

So, I decided to start another project --- cleaning out the Princess's Room! Its been a while since it was completely shoveled out, and I thought it might go better if she wasn't there for us to snarl at each other! Wow. That has been a project!!!! I've been sorely tempted to just get rid of about half her stuff, but my Mom did that to me once and it still makes me mad! So, I've been good. If its obviously trashed or broken, it goes in the garbage or recycling. Obviously too small, in the donations box. Not sure? Into another box for her to go through when she gets back. Progress is being made!

I worked all afternoon Saturday, and from about 11 - 6 on Sunday (had to go grocery shopping Sunday morning). I still have several hours worth of work to do -- not to mention a mountain of laundry that I pulled out from the recesses of her closet and under the bed! I'm hoping to put in a couple hours each evening this week, Zumba and other meetings permitting so that I can focus on some freezer cooking and other areas of the house next weekend!

Really, really wish that THIS was a long weekend!!!!!!! But alas, time to get ready for work.


  1. I am getting ready for work too. Would have loved today to finish all that stuff I didn't get to either.

  2. I'm jealous of everyone who has today off. I have work and classes.

  3. I echo those feelings. I would've love a day off today. I've been so restless recently!