Monday, February 6, 2012

Super Bowl, um, I Mean, Super Small Project Sunday

As much as I ramble about football from August through January, you'd think I'd be all fired up for the Super Bowl. Hmmm, not so much. I'm more of a college football girl. I did watch the game, but mainly because I wanted to see what the creative minds willing to spend over $3 Million for 30 seconds of airtime came up with. I wasn't highly impressed but the Volkswagen one with the overweight pup and the Bud Light "Wego" Rescue Pup were the highlights for me.

I'd like to say I spent the rest of Sunday getting my house in super ship shape, but I'd be lying! Instead, I focused on some nagging projects that I've had sitting around, but since they've been completely IN MY WAY, have hampered other productivity. First off, I had a huge pile of cast off clothing and other items that need to be dealt with. They are now all packed up, itemized and waiting to be hauled off for donation. Second, I went in search of missing socks. I had a huge basket FULL of mismatched socks. So, I cleaned out from under the Princess's bed (I may have nightmares about that for months), washed up the ones I found and got to sorting. In the end, I matched up about half of the rogue socks with mates. The others went into the trash. I'm tired of looking at them. I also spent a few hours playing around with Quicken. I had a friend who is awesome with it on speed dial to help me when I got stuck. After a while I had to take a bit of a break. My brain was overloaded -- but I think once I get it on track and understand it, I'm going to like it.

So that's it. My Super Exciting Super Bowl Sunday. How was your weekend?

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  1. I hate rogue socks. I save them forever...thinking I will actually find the mate. Eventually I use them for cleaning.