Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Thrift Store Shopping

I have always enjoyed garage sale and thrift store shopping. To me, its always been a fun and frugal way to indulge my latent shopping tendencies. We now have 3 thrift stores in very close proximity. The oldest one, I'm not too fond of. I've never found anything there that I wanted and the store always seems dirty and quite frankly overpriced for second hand merchandise.

The second, and my former favorite, you really have to DIG to find the good stuff because it is arranged by gender and then by color. So you might find exactly what you're looking for, but then its 3 sizes too small. It doesn't bode well for a quick let me stop here and see what they've got. You have to really block out some time to find anything worth having.

The third, and newest one, is my current favorite. You walk in and the store is very clean. There are wide spaces between the racks, enough for two shopping carts to pass each other. And its arranged by gender and then by size! You don't have to spend tons of time going through stuff that simply will not ever fit! And they seem to be picky about what goes on their racks, because everything seems to be in like new condition.

I made a quick stop on Saturday at Store 2 and Store 3. Store 2 was a complete bust. I walked out empty handed. Store 3, I found some great deals --- 3 tank tops, (2 for work outs, one suitable for actually wearing under a casual jacket for work), a cabinet organizer, a lanyard (for display of the Princess's newest Disney Pins), and a little ceramic plaque that says "If your dog is fat, you're not getting enough excercise" (perfect for my newfound fitness motivation). All told, I spent $11.50 --- not bad at all!!!!


  1. Hey --I just found your blog and I live in the B'ham area and I too love thrifting. Which stores do you mean? New thrift store--where?

  2. Hi Dawn! Thanks for stopping by! The one I'm talking about is the new Mission: Possible -- the new Jimmie Hale Mission thrift store on Greensprings in Homewood behind the old Mazers. I really like it! Probably not as much stock as the Salvation Army, but much better stock and better organized in my opinion!