Saturday, February 11, 2012

A Pricey Weekend Ahead

I've been working on my to-do list for the weekend. I've realized that I'm going to be spending quite a bit of money this weekend. Sigh.

First up, the Princess is going to Disney World next week with her Dad, StepMom and brothers. She's been saving up her allowance and Christmas money so that she has plenty of her own spending money for the trip. I'll give her a little bit too. The rest of the trip won't cost me anything, however, she needs some clothes for the trip. She wants to wear yoga pants to the parks most days because they are more comfortable than jeans (and its not hot enough for shorts really). A brief survey of her wardrobe reveals that she needs a couple of new pairs.

Second, I gave Thing 1 and Thing 2 the last of their food this morning. Since there aren't any super deals out there on their food right now, that will necessitate a trip to Sam's to get a 50 pound bag. While I'm there, I'll go ahead and fill up my car with gas. AND I've realized that Thing 2 is down to 2 pills left of her maintenance meds. That will require a trip to the vet to pick that up.

I also need to do some grocery shopping. Just the basics mainly, but I'm low on coffee creamer (yes even though I picked up a small bottle this week), dog treats, milk, fruit and veggies.

So a super spendy weekend --- PLUS its ridiculously cold outside so I get to do all this running around in freezing type weather! JOY.


  1. You have been tagged!!! Come visit me.

  2. We all have those weeks. At least we are able to save most weeks!