Sunday, June 16, 2013

Almost Caved

I went to Target today --- mainly for toilet paper. Being behind on my couponing and not having set foot in Publix in close to a month.... well, the stockpile was down WAY low. I was frustrated because nothing seemed on a decent sale on any brand in any of today's flyers. I got lucky though! They had a twelve pack clearanced priced (why they "clearance" TP is beyond me, but hey, it works for me!).

Anyway, I passed by the baby section with the adorable little outfits with CLEARANCE above them. (I have a niece due in September who will be living in south Florida, so the baby department is fraught with danger right now!). I oohed and aahed a bit, but put nothing in my cart.

Then I passed by the throw rugs. I still need a throw rug for the Princess's room. And they were on SALE! I found one I really really really liked. Loved in fact. Would look perfect. Thick, luxurious pile. It would look FABULOUS. And then I looked at that thick, luxurious pile again. And thought. And then I realized that Thing 2 sheds enough hair in a week to make a whole other dog --- that thick pile would be matted and nasty in no time. So the rug stayed on the display.

Think that's the first time ever that pup has SAVED me money! She got an extra belly rub when I got home as thanks!


  1. Haha. Good point. Why would they clearance TP? And yeah, my parents' dog is a big consideration when buying rugs... like yours, she sheds like crazy, so no light-color rugs (she's black, medium-length hair) or anything that can't be swept with a broom.

  2. She's short haired but goodness, she sheds a LOT.