Friday, June 28, 2013

Finally Did Some Coupon Shopping!

It has been weeks and weeks since I got around to doing any coupon shopping. Haven't had time, haven't been organized enough, etc., etc. Mostly I've just kept my grocery bill low by hitting up Aldi for our grocery needs. This week however, I had a smidge more time and was ready to give it a bit of a whirl. I'm glad I did.... as my savings percentage was more than 50% even though I didn't have a TON of coupons.

One thing to remember when shopping at Publix is the Publix Promise. If an item scans wrong, you get your full purchase price back, and you take home the item. Such was the case with the Rondele Cheese. The Princess and I both love this stuff, but at a price of $4.69 a container, it is something that I only buy when it is BOGO or I have a really good coupon. This was actually one of their undavertised BOGOs this week, but when I scanned my receipt before I left, I realized that it had rung up at the full price. I went to customer service, and asked about it, noting that I may have misread the sign and if so, wanted to return the item. Easy peasy, they checked the price, and refunded me the $5.11 (including tax) for the item. So, ALWAYS check your receipts!

So, this is what I picked up this week:

1 Planters Roasted Peanuts
2 Kraft Shredded Cheddar
1 Rondele Garlic & Herb Cheese
1 4 Pack Green Giant Green Beans
2 Nature Valley Protein Bars
1 Athenos Feta
1 Snausages Dog Treat
1 Ronzoni Pasta (Penny Item)
1 Mrs. Pauls Fish
2 Oscar Mayer Family Sized Lunch Meat
2 Home Run Pizzas
1 Bagged Hearts of Romaine
2 Avocados

Spent: $ 34.33
Saved: $ 44.05 or 56%


  1. I love feta cheese, but that's one of the things I just can't justify buying because of the price. Rondele makes the best cheese spread ever.

    1. Yeah, neither would have been in my cart if they weren't on a BOGO sale.