Sunday, June 23, 2013

Thing 1 Is Suddenly Picky

My pups have never been picky eaters. They will eat ANYTHING. If it hits the floor, Thing 1 has lightning reflexes and gobbles it up immediately. Thing 2 will attack anything left on the counter, or in a shopping bag, or pretty much anywhere she can reach. They've always eaten whatever I put in their bowls with no problems.

However, the last few days, Thing 1 (who is 13 years old), has not eaten the food that has been put in front of him. A couple days he flat out refused it. Just stared at the bowl for a while and then walked away. Yesterday, he ate a couple bites and then walked away from it. Given his age, I was definitely concerned. So, I had the Princess pick up a couple cans of wet food yesterday while she was out and about. Both pups LOVE the "treat" of wet food. And I know very well that if I give some to Thing 1, Thing 2 is going to get huffy if she doesn't get that treat too (this could get expensive).

Anyway, this morning I put some wet food in each of their bowls --- underneath the dry. Thing 2 hoovered it all up like it was her last meal EVER. Thing 1 -- well that little rascal nosed the dry food aside, ate all of the wet and left every single piece of dry food for Thing 2 to eat for dessert. Ugh. Looks like someone will be getting wet food going forward. Age has its privileges I suppose.

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  1. Sometimes the pet food companies change the formula of the dry food to cut cost... We have dogs and cats and they have stopped eating the food they had eaten for a long time... I thought they were sick at first...Then shortly after they were recalling pet food and the one we had been using was on the recall list....The dogs knew before us...

    We give wet and dry food and mix the dry and wet together and they like it that way....