Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Looks Like I'm Going to Be Caving

It is hot out. And I'm sick of the heat. And its June. That means there is still July, August and September to go before it even thinks about getting cooler outside. The house I live in was built in 1957 and has the original single paned casement windows. And almost non-existent insulation. And no shade. And a really old central air unit.

That means that during the days, just to maintain an internal temp of 81 that AC is working hard. And my power bills reflect it. We use ceiling fans and that helps a bit. I also use a hand me down box fan in the living room/den area. That makes it a lot more bearable -- like feels 5 degrees cooler bearable. But moving that fan from room to room is a real pain especially on the weekends when I'm not just hanging out in the den.

So, due to a surprise late birthday gift of $50 in cash, I'm hitting Lowe's this afternoon and picking up two more box fans. I reasearched the prices on line, and Lowe's actually carries the same fan as WalMart and Target, but about $8 less. Plus I have a $10 off $50 coupon. So with that $50, I should be able to lower my power bills, stay comfortable, and also pick up a few other items for some household projects that need doing.

So, instead of not buying new for the rest of the summer as far as stuff goes, I'm buying two box fans and some other miscellaneous project stuff. And yes, I considered buying used, but holding out to stumble across what I need just isn't an option -- I'm tired of sweating inside my house! The bright side is, at least this stuff will be useful -- opposed to more crap just taking up space.

Still bugs me that I'm caving on my promise so soon, but oh well!


  1. Box fans are great, but have you tried the tower ones? I very much like those better. I have an old one and it's so awesome. At least you're using Bday money and not out of pocket! That should help. Stay cool!

    1. I had considered tower fans, but Thing 2 is such a huge klutz, I have a feeling that they would end up crashing to the ground quite often. There's a reason I don't have any floor lamps! ;-)

  2. Sounds like you need them to be at least somewhat comfortable in that heat! and at least they are a purchase that you should get use out of for at least several years.