Tuesday, August 13, 2013

And Then There Were Three

One Last Morning In The Sun

Thing 1 left us yesterday morning.After I posted yesterday morning, he hopped up off of the loveseat on the porch where he had been sitting beside me and made his way down the steps to the yard. He found himself a sunny spot and sat there for a few, I guess just taking in his domain and enjoying the sunshine and his place one more time. I went and sat on the steps and watched him. He seemed so at peace. When he was ready, I carried him back up the stairs and we hung out a bit more,  Thing 2 coming by numerous times to love on him, but then giving us time alone too.

 The Princess got back from Atlanta, and spent some time with him, just the two of them. Even managed to find his "spot" one last time. We talked to him about what a good boy he was, and how much we loved him. And even though we wished he could stay with us always, we knew he was ready to rest. We called my friend, RunnerGirl, to come pick us up to go the vet (knew there was NO way I should be driving after all was said and done). As we left, Thing 2 nosed him to say goodbye, and as we walked up to the door, she stood in the front window and howled. I don't know how she knew, but she knew...

We got to the vet, and the receptionist started immediately filling out our info (we tend to be frequent visitors there) --- and then asked us what he needed today. I told her simply "It is time." She teared up, but got herself together quickly and took us back to one of the very familiar exam rooms. Brought in a blanket fresh from the dryer so he didn't have to be on that cold steel table. The vet came in and told us what to expect. They would take him back for just a few minutes and start the IV, which was nothing but an overdose of anesthetic and he would feel no pain and no fear. Once they started him, they would bring him back to us and we could stay with him as long as we needed. So we said our goodbyes while he was still able to understand us, and told him how very much he was loved. How full he made our lives. How there would never be another dog like him. And they took him away. The Princess and I clung to each other and just sobbed.

Almost immediately they brought him back to us. The vet told us that he was going on his own and she knew he'd want to be with us. So, with us stroking him, and petting him and loving him, saying over and over how very much he was loved, he slipped away, quietly and peacefully. We each gave him one last ear scratch and belly rub, and looked one last time into those beautiful soulful eyes, where the light had at last gone out. He was gone.

We left him in the vet's care and went home where we spent most of the day crying off and on or sleeping, or looking at pictures or swapping memories and giving a very sad Thing 2 plenty of comfort and drawing it from her.

 Rest in peace, my sweet Fluffypup, I'll see you at the Rainbow Bridge.


  1. I am weeping. It is SO hard to say goodbye, even when it is time. My heart is with you.

  2. ((((HUGS)))) (((((HUGS))))) To the both of you... Lisa

  3. I am sitting here sobbing with you. I am glad that you all knew it was time and it was a beautiful, peaceful moment for all. I am so sorry for you loss.

  4. That brought tears to my eyes. So sorry about your sweet dog. They are such family members.

  5. I am so sorry, this is going to sound awful, but I cried more when I had to put my beloved lab down in college then I did when I made the decision to let our little girl go back to heaven. I think losing a pet is more intense pain than anything. Losing a child is also painful but there is reassurance in a Resurrection. I believe pets wait for us and are returned to us.