Saturday, August 3, 2013

Waiting Waiting Waiting

Does the waiting game get to you sometimes? Last Thursday we were supposed to finally find out whether or not we got our "permanent" contracts back at work. We have been on temporary interim contracts for two years now. As part of the interim contracts, my "normal" job was put on hold. When it became obvious that this interim period was going to stretch longer.... I was temporarily reassigned to another deparment. That was almost 18 months ago. It was hard, but I accepted that reassignment with mostly a smile (after a crying jag and bottle of wine at home -- ha!) and have been doing it with a good attitude ever since. Nevertheless, I want to get back to doing what I was hired to do.... because I really love my normal job.

So, last week we waited on pins and needles. Many of us trying to get through the week without dissolving into a bundle of nerves. And then on Wednesday, we found out that the much anticipated announcement was being postponed - AGAIN -- until Tuesday. Sigh.

It seems we sometimes spend a lot of our lives waiting.... waiting for the weekend, waiting for announcements, waiting for vacation, waiting for temps to cool off or warm up. Waiting for stuff to get back to normal. Waiting for one day. Maybe we need to enjoy the day. Today. We only have so many todays and then its all done. We need to try and enjoy the moment and whatever it brings.

But for now, I probably need more coffee as I'm not sure any of this rambling made sense!

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