Saturday, August 10, 2013

This Was The Week That Would Not End

So, the week started out well enough..... I had my annual performance review and received and excellent evaluation, plus a $1500 bonus ($1200+ after taxes). When a week starts like that, it is going to be a good one right?

Not so fast there! The long awaited contract announcements came out. And it was worse than we expected. While we retained the contract the most affects me, we lost some other key ones. And the ones we picked up don't make up the difference in lost revenue. This likely means an even larger shrinkage in the work force. While theoretically I should be fine, there is also the chance that I won't be.... there are four people "ahead" of me whose departments will have to be reduced. These employees have been with the company for probably 10 years or more each. The decision could very well be to retain a some of them but backslide them into my position and hand me the pink slip. I just don't know at this point.

That worry has been on my mind all week. It made the week seem unending. So much so that I woke up Thursday thinking it was Friday! Talk about a letdown!!!!

And, that $1200 after taxes bonus? Yeah, its getting banked --- I still have looming vet bills for Thing 1 to come and at some point I need to have my car window fixed --- but for now the window is not going to take priority.

That's been my week around here -- sorry I've been absent -- I've had a lot of processing that needed to happen!


  1. Yay to the rest!!

    I hate the waiting game....

  2. Congrats on the bonus and good review! Did they increase your overall salary, too? Hope it all works out for you and your job.

  3. The worst part is not knowing. I will be thinking about you and hoping for the best.

  4. thanks y'all! no salary increase, but honestly, I'm kind of overpaid right now for what i'm doing temporarily, so I didn't expect one. Was happy with the bonus and now, I'll just and wait.