Wednesday, August 28, 2013



When we lost Thing 1, I elected to have a separate cremation for him. I knew I couldn't bury him in the backyard, and I didn't want to get back random ashes that weren't my pup, so I didn't want him cremated in group. I had planned for that expense, although I wasn't exactly sure how to pull it off.

My family has used the same vet clinic since I was 2. The older vet retired and his son has run the clinic for as long as I've had a pup as an adult. One of the benefits in using the same vet practice for 40+ years is that they know you. I have an account. I can get billed instead of paying at the time services are rendered. I did that when Thing 2 hurt her paw a couple of weeks ago -- I had just paid tuition and cash was slim til payday, they said they'd send me statement. The day we lost Thing 1, no money changed hands. I just assumed I'd be billed and they never asked for any. Just let us grieve.

So yesterday, I went in to pick up Thing 1's ashes. The very awesome office girl went and got the pretty little box and brought it to me. We both had a little cry over it. So small. And the box was so pretty. Very simple wooden box with flowers carved into the top. I asked her my balance, and she looked it up. My balance was $64. The amount of Thing 2's previous visit. I looked very puzzled, I'm sure.

She then told me that someone had paid for Thing 1's expenses. What? Who? And whoever had paid had asked to remain anonymous. They had just been very touched. I am just stunned and astounded by people's generosity and compassion. I just wish I knew who it was. I'd like to thank them in person. I am truly overwhelmed.


  1. That is a beautiful random act of kindness. I know you want to thank them...and they know it too. But for them, just knowing that they eased a hard situation for you is enough.

    Very touching...

  2. What a wonderful memory for a life full of wonderful memories.

  3. It's awesome to see random acts of kindness in such an area. Good fortune to them for thinking of a stranger during such a difficult time. Hopefully you will be able to pay it forward with your own version of a RAK.

  4. What a thoughtful thing to do. May Thing 1 rest in peace.

  5. That made me cry.....again. That person knew he had the best life ever with you.