Wednesday, July 31, 2013

And What A Weekend It Was!

My 25 Year Class Reunion was last weekend. I had such a fabulous time! A lot of the people there, I've been able to catch up with on facebook and subsequent girls nights out (and girls and guys nights out, too!). It was so fun though to have so many people that at one time meant a great deal to me in one place! I loved laughing at the old jokes and old memories. And made some new ones too!

The weekend didn't end up being the budget buster I was expecting --- splitting food, sharing rides and such helped out a great deal. Even if it had though -- -it would have been worth it!

The picture above was taken at LightRails -- its a very recent art light installation in a 1931 underpass connecting two areas of Birmingham that are both going through an Urban Revitalization. It was right around the corner from where we were, so a stop off at it was a MUST. I borrowed the hula hoop from the very young couple behind me --- who I'm sure were thinking we were terribly ancient to be out there posing for pics and borrowing hula hoops from random strangers!

Oh, and apparently I am now TERRIBLE at the Hula Hoop! Its okay though, it was fun to make an idiot of myself!

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