Friday, July 5, 2013

Bracing for the Vet Bill

I hope you all had a fantastic 4th. Ours was pretty low key. The Princess worked most of the day. Then we went to the mall to check out a 75% clearance sale to see about filling in some of her wardrobe -- no luck there. Oh well. Afterwards, we went to the restaurant where she works to eat dinner. (I guess she couldn't get enough earlier in the day).

Actually though, they were set up a bit differently last night --- they had a band on the patio and were packed. It was quite cool to watch all of the wait staff make a point to come up and talk to us and to meet "Mom". Everyone said such nice things about her and the manager sent us cheese dip and guacamole free. It was a really nice time. I over-tipped our waiter, but he was really fantastic and apparently one of the Princess's favorite co-workers.

We came home and after chilling out a bit, walked outside to watch the fireworks. We are very close to where they shoot them off --- but trees tend to block them some. Not sure if the trees grew a lot in the last year or if they were shooting them lower because of all the rain, but our view wasn't fabulous. However it was nice to see some of them and then just walk back in the house to call it a night. No fighting traffic!

Anyway..... I am taking a vaycay day today. I had planned to sleep in, but Thing 1 is worrying me. His appetite is still way down. Even with the wet food -- which he will at least eat. He's gotten pretty skinny everywhere except his belly. That seems to pooch a lot. More than usual. So, I'm going to take him in and see what's going on. He's an old pup, so I know his health is likely waning, but I'm really not quite ready to let him go. I know today will probably involve a lot of tests. Sigh. I hope I will still be able to stay on track for paying everything off, but gotta take care of my pup.

I will say that I am a tad embarrassed to take him in there so filthy. We've had a LOT of rain the past few days. That means his normally white fur is more brown than white from going outside. Oh well, I'm sure this isn't the first pup they've seen after several days of rain!

How about y'all? Anyone else taking a day off today?


  1. Uff. I hope the pup is ok and it's nothing serious. Try to enjoy your day off! I don't have today off, but did enjoy waking up at 8am yesterday instead of 6am! Got all of my unpacking done.

  2. Fingers crossed for Thing 1. We've been hit with vet bills too this year. Definitely not fun. And I feel your pain with having a white dog! A constant battle. I do hope it's nothing serious with your pup.