Monday, July 22, 2013

She's A Huntress

Thing 2 is a Weimaraner. Weims were originally bred to be hunting dogs. While Thing 2 has never had any formal training, I've seen this aspect of her many times. She stalks squirrels and birds, snakes and lizards, bumblebees and mice. On our walks she crouches down when she sees a cat to assess the situation.... then tries to go after it. I have to pay special attention and hold the leash securely on every walk as she see those as an opportunity to go after critters. Fortunately, she has never caught one.... until now.

Last night, between rainstorms, I let Thing 1 and Thing 2 out to do their business. Thing 1 did his thing and came right back up the stairs. Thing 2, however, got interested in something along the fence. I know that means there's likely a critter, so I started calling to her. She started in my direction, but then abruptly turned back an jumped into the rosemary bush in the corner. I called her again and she came running. But she had something in her mouth. YIKES! I yelled at her to drop it, and she obliged... right at the base of the stairs. There was enough light for me to see what it was. A POSSUM. An honest to goodness baby possum. I squealed again. And she just looks at me with her tail wagging... and the possum skitters under the stairs.

My neighbor poked his head out of his kitchen window to see if everything was okay because he heard my squeals. Everything was okay now, except the possum was between me and Thing 2, and I didn't want her to go after it again and get bit, nor did I want to get bit! So he called her over to the fence, giving me a chance to go down the other set of stairs to direct her up those. I got her inside and checked for bites and blood --- of which there were none.

I went back outside a bit later with a flashlight to see if it was still under the stairs, but I couldn't find any sign of it. Thing 2 is up to date on her shots, so I'm not overly concerned, but I will give the vet a call this morning just to be on the safe side.

So, that was my Sunday night adventure! How was YOUR weekend?


  1. Oh yikes. I remember the first (and only) time I can remember my parent's dog catching anything... there had been a tree with a low branch that would come up to the kitchen glass window door, and squirrels would literally just get up there to mock our dog. We'd let our dog out and she'd chase, but nothing serious. Until one night. She got a squirrel and shook it like trying to get its stuffing out. We were terrified, and my dad only had to yell once and she dropped the squirrel right where she stood. The critter was fine, surprisingly, though a bit stunned. It went back to the tree. Our poor puppy looked betrayed.

  2. My husband would like a Lab/Weinereimer cross. They're bred for hunting so I'm sure she was in heaven to actually catch something.