Saturday, July 6, 2013

A New Bed For Thing 1

I noticed yesterday that Thing 1 wanted to be wherever his people were. Problem is, he's gotten to where he can't jump up on the couch or the chairs to make himself comfy. I'd noticed this over the past few weeks, but hadn't done anything about it. Now, with only however long remaining, I want him to be comfortable wherever he is, but I also don't want to drag his bed from room to room to room to room. That's just not practical.

So, I thought I'd get him a couple of additional beds to have in various rooms in the house so that he can be comforable wherever he is. I looked at a couple stores and online. At a minimum price of $20 each, those were going to get costly quick! So I nixed that idea. Instead, I dug out some old pillows that for some reason I hadn't thrown out yet. And then I went to Hobby Lobby and picked up some fleece. A few snips, and some knots tied... and voila! A new bed for Thing 1.

I've only done one so far, but will finish up the others tomorrow. So for less than the cost of ONE brand new pup bed, I'll have four. Now, if only HE would be suitably impressed. So far, he's like "Meh." -- contrary mutt!

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