Saturday, July 20, 2013

Happy Birthday Princess!!!!!

Today the Princess turns 19. In Alabama, that means she is legally an adult. She can now sign her own contracts and stuff like that. Of course she doesn't have any contracts to sign. The main thing we had to do was close out her minor savings account at one bank and put that money into her savings account at another bank (her minor account was going to change over to a regular account with a fee if we didn't).

 Our festivities will be pretty low-key. Last night she had a group of friends over to hang out. I was going to pick up a cake for her, she had mentioned wanting a cookie cake, but at $33 from the Great American Cookie Company, that was just not going to happen!

However, I went by Sam's on my lunch break. I was going to pick up a small cake because I just did not have time to make one myself. And there in the bakery section, was a double decker cookie cake for $16.48! I looked at the other cakes and they were about $15, so for about $1.50 more, I could get her exactly what she wanted --- and a double decker to boot --- for about half the price of the Cookie Company single layer. So, obviously I got her exactly what she wanted -- and she was tickled pink!

Today will consist of getting our hair done, followed by a trip to the movies to see Monsters University (we are both Disney hounds), and then going out to dinner at a yet to be decided Italian restaurant. Her favorite Italian place closed down last year, so we aren't sure yet. The dinner and movie order may be switched depending on how long the hair takes, how hungry we are and showtimes.

So, that's our day ---- although I get to start it off with cutting the grass before the temp reaches the 8th level of Hades.

Y'all have a fabulous day!

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