Friday, July 12, 2013

A Quick Trip

Due to being sick earlier this week, I kept the grocery shopping to the minimum. Canned dog food (that was needed) and just a few deals. Still, I managed to save quite a bit thanks to the addition of just a few coupons in addition to the sale prices. I've been going with the Publix canned food because reading the labels, they actually have meat as the first ingredient, and surprisingly, most brands do not. So, here is what I picked up:

6 Cans Publix Dog Food
1 Publix Salad Dressing (Penny Item!)
4 Crystal Light
1 Hormel Mashed Potatoes -- not a great deal, but hey, I can cheat a bit when I don't feel good!

Spent: $14.88
Saved: $12.49 or 46%

1 comment:

  1. I often try to keep a "cheat" item on my pantry at most times. It's normally soup, or hot dogs, but it beats the urge to eat out or order food. They do on a pinch. That said, it sounds like a great price for all of those items! Especially the crystal lights... I'm surprised they're getting rid of the better flavors, and they're often no less than $2/ea on sale.