Friday, July 5, 2013

My Heart Hurts

This morning I posted that I was bracing for a big vet bill --- It didn't end up being as much as I thought. Only $183. While that was a relief, the rest of the visit wasn't.....

I was worried that something was bad wrong with Thing 1, I thought I was prepared for it. After all, he IS 13 years old. He's no longer a young pup. Turns out, I was right about something being wrong. And I was totally wrong about being prepared for it.

Thing 1 has lymphoma. And there's no real course of treatment for him. I could spend thousands of dollars and it MIGHT buy him a few additional months. But there's no guarantee of that. And there's no guarantee he would have a decent quality of life if he were to have those extra months. The best we can hope for it to have a few months with him relatively pain free and happy.

I brought him home and told the Princess after she woke up. We both cried and held him close. And loved on him. And made him pizza for lunch. At this point, I don't think people food can hurt. (Don't worry, won't go overboard).

The vet gave me Prednisone to give him and told me to pick up some Pepcid because it can be harsh on his tummy. Other than that, we can just spoil him rotten. And pray. Pray for his comfort and happiness in these final months.  Pray for the wisdom and guidance to know when the right time is to make a very hard decision. Pray to know what's best for him, and not just what's best for us just because we're not ready to lose him yet.


  1. I'm so sorry to hear about your pup. :(. I hope for a miracle and lots of pain free and happy months for that little guy.

  2. I am so so sorry. I know my cats are family, and that 2 of my cats are 14 yrs, and the other is 11. I know the day will come where tough choices need to be made.

    I hope that Thing 1 is able to enjoy the rest of his days, getting loved and spoiled. And that you and Princess have the strength to balance everyone's needs.

  3. I'm so sorry! I hope he has lots of pain free time left. You spoil him as much as you can!

  4. Oh, I am so sorry!! My pup is almost 12 and I think about this a lot. Is he a Bichon? Looks a lot like my guy. Enjoy every moment with your sweet boy and let him eat all the pizza he wants.

  5. Thanks, y'all. We are enjoying him for as long as he's entrusted to us. And yes, he is a bichon --- I just generally keep him cut pretty short because neither of us has the patience for brushing out his coat when it gets too long.