Sunday, December 8, 2013

A Whole Day Spent Running Errands

Yesterday, I was planning to do some grocery shopping in the morning and then spend the rest of the day cleaning. Then I made a list of all the errands I needed to do and decided to do them all yesterday so that I wouldn't have to look decent today. I had several returns to make, plus groceries and gas, and some other items I needed to pick up. So, I loaded everything up and hit the road. I managed to hit 3 stores (Lowe's, Sam's, Walmart) before a headache hit me. And it was a doozy. Fun.

I managed to power through Target quickly and headed to the mall to make some exchanges and returns at Belk. That's when the stupid-holiday-driver syndrome really reared its ugly head. And honestly, my pounding head just couldn't deal with it. So, before I even pulled into a parking place, I decided to head to the grocery stores. A quick trip into Publix for coffee creamer that was bogo (putting it cheaper per ounce than even Aldi), almond milk and ice cream (yeah, if you haven't tried the Publix Santa's White Christmas ice cream and like coffee ice cream -- I highly recommend it!). Then on to Aldi..... we were low on most things because last week I only shopped for Thanksgiving cooking. I then high tailed it home, unloaded the groceries and everything else, put the stuff away, and sat down to watch the SEC Championship game.

Well, kind of sat down.... I did various little things around the house and eventually my headache went away. I truly hate though how much that stupid headache stopped me from getting my to do list accomplished though. I'll still have to make that trip to Belk this week -- fortunately the mall is pretty close to my office so I should be able to handle that during a lunch break. Tis the season to RUN RUN RUN!


  1. You are much stronger than me! I would have headed home halfway through it, especially if I hit traffic or large crowds

    1. I think the Princess might have committed mutiny had I come home without actual food.