Sunday, December 29, 2013

Thing 2 Gets A Bargain Christmas, Too

I've always felt that Christmas includes the whole household, so my pups always have had a stocking full plus some other presents to make their holiday special. I've also found that giving them their own stuff tends to minimize their snuffling through the other presents under the tree!

This year was no different. I had bought a box of toys for Thing 2 as even at the age of 5 she still loves her squeaky toys. A couple of days before Christmas I was out and about doing some last minute grocery shopping. I realized I had a coupon for $5 off any purchase at Pet Supplies Plus. I figured I'd go in and pick up a box of treats or a special cookie or bone for Thing 2 to round out her Christmas goodies. When I got there, they had sales on several different treats, all of which I had pretty high dollar coupons for --- (BOGO, $1.50 off 1 and $2 off 1). So, I got busy matching up the sales and the coupons to get as much as I could without spending a ton. In the end I got all of those treats above for $3.42!

Spent:  $3.42
Saved: $24.23 or 88%

And Thing 2 is stocked up on treats for quite a while! And not jut the plain ole dog bones, but COOKIES!!!! (yeah, we call the special treats cookies!)

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