Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Out With The Old, In With The New

And another year is just about in the books.....

I've spent the days since Christmas pretty much working on getting the old out. I've gotten rid of some stuff that was just taking up space in my kitchen and made room for my new Keurig coffee maker (LOVE it!). As I've been packing up Christmas decorations, I've been pulling out the ones we don't ever use and that don't have sentimental attachment to get them sent off to Goodwill. For the ones that we don't use but that ARE sentimental, I have put them aside to box into different boxes so I'm not toting them in and out every year. I hope I have a place to use them one day.

Its cathartic in a way to start the decluttering process. Once I finish with the decorations, I plan to work on other areas of the house to declutter in earnest. I'm tired of the house always being clutter factory. And I swear that stuff just multiplies!

I plan to ring in the New Year as I plan to spend the year itself -- low key, enjoying the warmth of my home with friends and NOT going out and spending a ton of money!

Here's hoping you have a joyous New Year, bright with all of the promises for new beginnings and hope for a fabulous 2014!

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  1. Happy New Year! I hope to start decluttering again in January. There is so much that needs to be organized, and Christmas decorations are one of them. You are getting a nice head start!