Sunday, January 5, 2014

Not Wanting The Cold

We are about to get some seriously cold weather. Down in the single digits. I know that is probably just another winter's day to some people, but down here in Alabama -- well, that just doesn't happen every year. Or even every couple of years.

Some are calling for snow -- most likely a dusting, but apparently there is no bread and milk to be found on any grocery store shelves anywhere. Sheesh.

I have two main worries -- freezing pipes and black ice on the road when I go to work. Going to try and head off the first by leaving the faucets dripping tonight. And hopefully just be really really careful when I drive in the morning.

Other than that, pretty much business as usual. Just snuggled up with a warm pup.


  1. Hahaha. For a second there, I thought you were talking about Maryland. Everyone knows about the "three whiteys" (toilet paper, milk and sandwich bread). The shelves are bare right before a "storm", even if 75% of the time, the "storm" is, at most, a light rain.

    Definitely get out extra early for work during such events. It's not you that is to be distrusted... it's other people. It took me 1:20hrs to get to work when we had snow last week, and it's usually only a 18-20min ride. The roads were treacherous, and we were all going between 25 and 30mph. Still had some idiot on a big truck tailgate me! Couldn't even believe it. Thankfully he made a turn after about 5 miles.

  2. Hi! Just found your blog via Sluggy's blog. I'm in Alabama too (Fairhope/Mobile area) and I'm hating this cold. Our furnace is running non stop and our outside faucets/hoses are all frozen. I'm hoping they don't crack. I miss snuggling up with my pupper. We had to put her down just before Christmas. They say it's supposed to hit 70 on Sat, but of course, it's going to rain. We can't win! :-(

  3. I'm sorry about your pup. We lost Thing 1 in August and it still makes me sad.