Saturday, January 25, 2014

24 Cent Jammies

So, today I decided to run to Belk to peruse the clearance section. I had $10 in rewards from my Belk Credit Card (yes I pay it off every month), and I didn't want to let them expire, plus I had a clearance shopping pass (good for an additional 10% off). One of the things on my list of stuff I probably need are another pair of winter pajamas. So, I headed over to that department to check out the 75% off rack. I found an adorable pair of Chip & Dale pjs -- originally priced $76. After doing some quick mental math, I figured I'd be paying about $9 out the door. That I could live with.

I tried them on and took them up to the register. When I presented the reward certificate, the salesgirl told me that it was double reward days, so my reward was actually worth $20, but I needed to spend the full amount. Wowza. I ran back over to the other 75% rack and grabbed two pairs of undies and took them back up. After all the discounts were applied, I paid 24 CENT for an expensive pair of jammies and 2 pairs of undies.

Not a bad shopping day!


  1. You go, girl!!!! Love those kind of deals..........especially when you NEED them and aren't just buying because it's a good deal!

  2. Oh wow. What a great deal. I need to go shopping with you someday! Though $76 PJs?! Yikes!

  3. Yeah, $76 was pricey -- they were super cute though -- I would never have paid that price for them -- I saw those all through the Christmas season and thought they were SOOO cute.