Sunday, January 12, 2014

Trying Out The Cartwheel

So, I got my act together this weekend and tried out the Cartwheel by Target app. My savings from the Cartwheel itself weren't huge -- $7.55 -- but I wouldn't throw away $7.55 either. I have certain price points that I basically try not to budge from in order to keep my budget under control. On most items, I know what is a "good" deal for the things we regularly purchase. Normally, I don't purchase a lot of prepared frozen meals like Lean Cuisines -- however, the Princess works nights and will often get off work at 9:30 or 10 starving --- even if she had dinner before work (which would be at around 4). Having the Lean Cuisines in the freezer is at least a more affordable option than hitting up a drive through! So, here is what I picked up:

3 24ct Double Roll Up & Up Toilet Paper
10 Lean Cuisines
4 Up & Up Facial Cleanser Wipes
2 Archer Farms 18ct K-cups
1 Airwick Color Changing Candle
6 Glade Candles
5 Market Pantry Mac & Cheese
1 2 Pack Champion undies
1 Up & Up Dryer Sheets
2 Smith & Hawking Hummingbird Feeders (gifts for upcoming birthdays!)

So, I ultimately spent $112.58, from what I can calculate on my receipt, I saved $61.61 total and I have $10 in gift cards for a future trip! However, I did not think to make note of the non-sale prices of the Lean Cuisines, Toilet Paper or Face Wipes, and those were actually some of my most significant spending amounts (the Target receipt is not nearly as easy to figure out your savings as the Publix receipt). I do know that they all ended up being well below my standard price points and I guess that's what matters in the long run.

So, I think I will continue using the Cartwheel App --- it has some nice benefits, and if you can really combine the offers with coupons you get some significant savings. And if it is for items you need anyway, well then its a no brainer for sure!

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