Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Unexpected Snow Day!

The last couple of days, South Alabama has been bracing for snow and ice. Every forecast said that we weren't going to get anything other than a light dusting. Around 9:30 or so this morning, it started snowing. I was like "Meh, it won't stick around". By 10, it was building up in the parking lot. Uh oh. At about 10:08, my supervisor came around and told everyone to pack up, clock out and head home. Office was closing for the day. The weather forecasters had it way wrong unfortunately.

As I got out to the main road, I could tell that road conditions were going downhill fast. I said a little prayer for safety and another one of thanks for a short commute. Then I headed on home. As I neared my neighborhood, the roads were completely white and it was coming down good. But we were all safe and sound.

So, we are all here, staying warm and even venturing out to play a bit. Roads around the city have gone to hell in a handbasket. I've got co workers that haven't made it to their homes yet. I've got friends that hiked miles to get to their own homes. Alabama is not well equipped to deal with snow when we are expecting it. When it hits the largest metro area without being expected... well, its pretty much a disaster!

I probably should have taken advantage of the unexpected afternoon off and gotten a lot of stuff done. Instead, I've been watching the news and playing in the snow and playing on facebook, pinterest, google+ and all that other stuff. And I'm okay with that.


  1. LOL sometimes you have to do fun stuff when you have time off, nothing wrong with that! We've been dealing with a bit of witchy weather here in Wisconsin as well, today I believe our high was -1. That would be about -20 with the wind chill. It better be an UNBELIEVABLE summer after this wicked winter!

  2. I think that is called a dusting of snow here in Wisconsin, right Michelle? Thursday will be a heat wave with a high of 27 but of course it will snow.

  3. Our entire city is shut down -- I've got friends stranded in shelters, some in their cars, some still trying to hoof it home. We are NOT made for this in Alabama!

  4. I hope everyone makes it home safe. I know we make light of it up here but truely are aware of how unusual it for you.
    How did thing 2 like playing in it?

  5. Thing 2 loved it! That's her in the pink jumping up on the Princess in the picture above. She ran around out there like a crazy woman!