Sunday, January 19, 2014

Home Again, Home Again

It was a wonderful four days and three nights --- awesome views, relaxing fires, great company and copious amounts of vino. It was awesome. But then I came home a day early.....

Monday night before I left, the Princess hit her head on the window sill in her room. We put some ice on it, and she showed no real signs of a concussion. So, I left town as planned on Wednesday morning. Apparently, Wednesday she threw up a couple of times, but didn't connect it to her head bump. She got a headache later in the day too. Thursday morning she called me before I was even awake, she had thrown up more, and now was worried because she was dizzy too. Since I was a good 4.5 hours away, a friend of mine took her to the doctor. She was diagnosed with a concussion.

I thought I should come back then, but they both told me she was fine and to enjoy my trip. Well I worried, but stayed where I was.

So, fast forward to yesterday, and she calls me, but I was having a hard time understanding her. She felt awful and wasn't talking very coherently. Screw that, I'm coming home. So I threw my stuff in the car and made the long trip (through Atlanta traffic -- ugh!) home. She was feeling better by the time I got there, but I decided that since her symptoms had gotten worse as the day went on, a trip to the ER was in order.

We got there and thankfully they were not busy at all. We were seen almost immediately. They pumped her full of fluids and meds for the nausea and then did a CT scan. Thankfully it was all clear, so we just have to wait out the symptoms -- which can last either a short time or a long time... there's just no way to tell.

So here I am, having coffee with my pup on my couch a full day earlier than planned... but that's okay... knowing the Princess is okay is much more important.


  1. How scary! So glad the Princess is recovering.

  2. It can take a week or so for the symptoms to lessen. My DS has had 2 concussions. The first one was pretty bad and he was not feeling good for a couple of weeks. The second time wasn't as bad and just a couple of days. They are scary, though!